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# 2021-10-14 - Proofcraft awarded seL4 Trusted Service Provider status

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The seL4 Foundation has awarded interim endorsement to Proofcraft as an seL4 Trusted Service Provider.

Formal verification is what makes seL4 unique. With increasing uptake and adoption, seL4 is evolving, supporting more platforms, architectures, configurations, and features. An increasing number of high assurance systems are built with seL4 as a trustworthy foundation.

As seL4 code evolves, so must its formal proofs. As more systems are built on seL4, there is an increased need to ensure correct configuration and initialisation, and correctness of critical components.

Proofcraft is here to help. If you are interested in commercial support for seL4-related verification projects, training or consulting, contact us at

# 2021-09-14 - Proofcraft joins the seL4 Foundation!

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Proofcraft is excited to join the seL4 Foundation! seL4 is central to Proofcraft’s vision for a verified future. At Proofcraft, Gerwin Klein is leading the scientific direction of seL4 verification. Rafal Kolanski is our head of engineering, and has led the recent major seL4 proof engineering efforts, such as the functional correctness proof for seL4 on RISC-V. We are excited to continue to push the seL4 verification story forward!

# 2021-07-23 - Ask Me Anything with Proofcraft CEO at CAV’21

CAV’21, the 33rd International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification, held an AMA session with June Andronick. CAV is dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of computer-aided formal analysis methods for hardware and software systems. June also participated in a mentoring panel at CAV’s Verification Mentoring Workshop.

# 2021-06-24 - Ask Me Anything with Proofcraft CEO at PLDI'21

June Andronick answered questions in an Ask-Me-Anything session at PLDI’21. The International Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation is one of the ACM SIGPLAN’s most important conferences.

# 2021-06-02 - Thanks UNSW for hosting Proofcraft!

Proofcraft Office

We are very grateful to be hosted in the Computer Science and Engineering building at UNSW. It’s a pleasure to keep sharing the space with our friends and former colleagues of the Trustworthy Systems Group and to keep changing the world together!

# 2021-05-01 - Proofcraft launch

Proofcraft Cake

Proofcraft is live! Founded by three former leaders of the Trustworthy Systems group, Proofcraft offers commercial support, verification projects, training and consulting on formal verification in general, and involving seL4 specifically. By applying mathematical machine-checked software verification, Proofcraft increases critical software systems’ reliability, safety and security, for a verified future!